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We’re a specialised recruitment company who live & breathe Renewable energy. Our clients will expect you to be highly knowledgeable. We will train you but you will need to continually research your topic.

We’re in the People business and spend a lot of time talking to clients & candidates. You don’t have to be an extrovert but you need to be astute & a good communicator.

How we think about diversity & inclusiveness

At Inventure, we create a sense of belonging and a nurturing environment where everyone can do their best work, enabling all employees to grow, learn, and develop. We recruit from the widest possible talent pools by removing bias from processes and ensuring diversity and inclusion are embedded within our practices and activities. We have also focused on creating an impactful employee value proposition that appeals to people from different backgrounds, with wide-ranging individualities, who’ve had diverse life experiences.

Engaging the entire Team in all its diversity is part of Inventure’s foundations. With a diverse team, we can tackle challenges collaboratively and empower individuality and different perspectives. Every single one of our clients has a D&I policy. (We wouldn’t have it any other way). We respect both the spirit & letter of those policies when we source talent on our clients’ behalves.

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