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Recruiting for Renewables

The renewable energy market has never been more competitive, and finding the best talent requires a team of industry specific experts, with a deep network of relevant candidates. Our highly collaborative and task-oriented renewables team has gained a reputation as one of the highest quality and most dependable recruitment partners in the nation.

We have earned long lasting relationships with some of the fastest growing and most innovative manufacturers and project developers, by helping them build teams at a speed which is consistent with the growth of the market itself.
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renewable energy

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 Renewable Energy

Sectors We Serve

We recruit for roles across the renewables industry, with native insights into the technology, engineering and business models involved.


Our team works across all solar verticals, from the R&D and manufacturing of solar modules to the financing, construction, and development of C&I and Utility-Scale Solar Projects.


The offshore wind market has been forecasted to reach 234 GW alone by 2030. The skill set available in this space is very specific and the network of candidates who focus purely on wind has never been more competitive. Which is why working with a recruiter who focuses purely on wind is critical when choosing the right staffing partner. Our team has deep experience working with both onshore, and offshore wind projects, and across all areas of the project lifecycle.

Energy Storage

We work closely with companies across all levels of the product and project life cycle, from those who develop battery materials and manufacture their own cells - transforming how the world stores power, to experts in the development, design and construction of energy storage projects. In each life cycle, we have an extensive network of talent, and a track record of placing with internationally recognized names.


Our team works with both hardware and software innovators who are enabling smart, connected infrastructure to be installed at or near the “edge” of the electric power grid. We recognize the importance of the grid edge in advancing the transition toward a distributed and decentralized grid system, and partner with innovators and disruptors looking to transform grid architecture, allowing room to accommodate technological change.


Our team works with a variety of e-mobility companies who operate at various levels of the value chain, from electric powertrain technologies to connected infrastructures enabling the electric propulsion of vehicles and fleets.
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renewable energy

We understand the constant change taking place within the energy industry

  • Finance and Investment
  • Development and Origination
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Commissioning and Asset Management
  • O&M and Sales
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