High wages, market fluctuation, and some jobs you didn't know were relevant for a career in renewables

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1. Four non-specific skill sets that the renewable energy industry is hiring for right now. ...

1. Four non-specific skill sets that the renewable energy industry is hiring for right now.

Oil & Gas:

  • Electrical Engineers - We have had many of our clients in the battery storage manufacturing and development space hire directly out of oil and gas. Hiring managers seem to like oil and gas project engineers and project managers with high voltage experience. It’s a very common degree in the world of engineering, and it could be your ticket into this high paying job market.
  • Subsurface Experts - Given the crossover of this skill set in the world of Carbon Capture, we have had several of our clients in this space hire Subsurface SMEs straight out of oil and gas. It appears to be one of the few industries that has people with this skill set, and the Carbon Capture market is primed to explode given the potential tax credit implications from Senator Joe Manchin’s decision.

Investment Banking:

  • Infrastructure - Many of our renewable energy developers and private equity clients have had a large appetite for Infra M&A Analyst and Associates. Given the crossover at the due diligence phase of the Infra space, we have seen many folks seamlessly make the jump over to renewables.
  • Technology - Given the amount of new ‘grid edge’ technologies emerging recently, many of our start up clients have asked specifically for bankers out of tech groups. This trend has also created a nice pathway for young folks to gain senior job titles at these early stage firms in the series A and B phase.

2. Is working in an emerging market actually safer than working for a traditional solar/wind developer at the moment?

Our poll from last week illustrated the belief that achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 is going to be driven largely by ‘emerging renewable technologies’, such as Carbon Capture and Green Hydrogen. Figures like Bill Gates are also focusing on emerging tech’s role in combating climate change (versus the continued expansion of solar). These signs suggest that these new markets will soon take center stage in the fight against climate change.

In the last few quarters, we have also had an explosion of new vacancies across our Green Hydrogen, Carbon Capture, and Grid Edge clients. All of them are taking candidates from traditional developers, and many of them are paying well above market. And, that's before you even consider stock/option plans. With all this considered, it must be asked if the most lucrative place to look for a new job is in fact the historically more unstable market verticals like Green Hydrogen?

3. Do you work in the renewable energy industry, and are currently pondering that job change? Here’s why it’s never been better to level up.

Did you enter into your current clean energy job before the recent boom in renewable jobs and wages? If so, there is a reasonable chance you could be compensated below the market average. The renewables energy job market is now as active as it's ever been, and the potential to earn a promotion, and thus earn more compensation for your work has never been greater.

The clean energy sector has added more than 300,000 jobs in 2021 according to a Forbes study, which is a 4% increase, and a number that will not slow down anytime soon, all while offering above-average wages. Most importantly, as the number of clean energy jobs continues to increase, employment in the Fossil-Fuel industry is stalling. For the world to successfully transition to clean energy, there will be a boom in the clean energy workforce.

4. Here’s why you should be demanding data backed D&I sourcing reports and placements from your recruiters.

Here at Inventure, we place an active emphasis on the diversity and inclusion within our company because we understand how valuable it is to creating an unstoppable team. As a recruiting firm, we know that companies who place a hiring emphasis on diversity and inclusion are the companies we aim to find our candidates.

That is because “62% of people are more likely to want a position at a company that has demonstrated a commitment to improving diversity and inclusion in their work environment.” (Untapped.io) As a candidate utilizing the services of a recruiter, you should demand the evidence that is backed by data to showcase the progresive companies you would like to work for. In 2022 “76% of candidates factor in the diversity of an organizational workplace” (Untapped.io) into their evaluation, at Inventure we prioritize doing just that.


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