Life in the Inventure office, and navigating the post-college professional world.

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Why would you want to work in an office vs from home in your first year of work?Every compan...

Why would you want to work in an office vs from home in your first year of work?

Every company now has to set its stall out on the tricky subject of how much time employees should work from the office versus WFH (or, more accurately, anywhere that isn’t the office). It’s an emotive subject, as evidenced by the very mixed reaction to Tim Cook’s 3 day announcement at Apple, the WFH petition signed by AT&T employees and even some of the angry blogs directed at best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell when he recently tackled the subject. So, let me explain Inventure’s position, both in general and in terms of our own daily working practices:

WFH is having a mixed impact on people around the globe. To begin with, many of our customers don’t work in an office. Their jobs are inherently tied to their places of work; plants, solar farms, you name it. For them, WFH is not an option. Amongst office workers poorer employees often don’t have a comfortable (and quiet) home environment from which to work and so when better off co-workers exercise their WFH privilege they are – unconsciously – widening the social divide. On the positive side, WFH is doubtless helping more women to manage family responsibilities alongside their work.  So, at Inventure, we don’t side with the Elon Musk view that anyone not in the office is “pretending to work” but nor do we think that office life is something that guys did in the Olden Days before the invention of the internet. A more balanced view is called for.

What’s our policy? Mainly, we hire young(-ish), fun, motivated people who are hungry to learn, bounce ideas off each other, celebrate daily successes and enjoy each other’s company. So, the office isn’t a tiresome place that we’d rather avoid, it’s the cultural melting pot where we come together and thrive. In fact, as recruiters we’re in the people business and enjoyment of human interaction is pretty fundamental to everything we do. In practical terms, you’ll find us in the office a little more than the Apple folks but less than Tesla/Goldman Sachs. Mon, Tues & Thurs are core, Wed and Fri we flex a little, work-depending. No apologies. It’s how we like it. (And BTW we also enjoy supporting our local coffee shops and vegan food stores that can’t survive on two days a week custom).

Inventure in the office!

Get to know some of our current associates Autumn & Jake and what they find to be the most rewarding and engaging parts of their jobs.

Autumn believes that the best piece of advice that she has received at Inventure is that “character shapes success.” She emphasizes the importance of living with conscious intention and how she incorporates that into her working day. An organizational objective at Inventure is becoming results driven - and when those results are achieved, Autumn has acknowledged how much she appreciates the celebration of success within the workplace, as everyone is backing one another and learning together.

The ability to build relationships with high achieving individuals is the highlight. She has been able “to speak to so many amazing people who are helping combat the climate crisis and are so passionate about what they do, and it is fulfilling to network and help these people reach their goals by placing them in roles that fulfill their occupational desires.”

Jake loves how Inventure allows him to be a part of an incredibly strong collaborative team while also exercising his entrepreneurial skillset. He too is incredibly appreciative about the “availability of high level technical acumen across the management team,” and the opportunity to learn from and rub shoulders with that expertise daily is a highlight of the work. Keep your eyes peeled for Jake cruising around LA getting work done on his segway!

Jake riding on his segway.

Here are some tips on how to reduce stress when transitioning from a student into the workforce

The adjustment to becoming a full-time employee can be a daunting task. It is perfectly natural to be dealing with added stressors during this transition. At Inventure we promote a healthy balance of work and your own personal time, and that begins with a lazer focus during the work day so that you can be proud of what you are accomplishing. With that being said, we have taken a survey from some of our people, and outlined some examples of how they balance their mental health on a day to day:

  • A fixed morning routine is a great habit to ensure that you are ready to perform when coming to work. Whether that routine involves exercise, coffee, or a long bath, checking repeatable tasks off early in the day is a great way to create a positive mindset. It also helps remove some of the unneeded mental lifting in the mornings by removing decision making. Barack Obama actually had someone pick out his suits every morning so that he didn’t have to waste much needed mental energy. We try to draw from this technique!
  • Learning driven environments are a great way to still be learning on the job and ease the stressors that come with a new environment. A curious approach is applauded at Inventure, as we understand that we must continue to develop our knowledge and understanding of our industry as it continues to evolve.
  • Short commute times ensure that you are able to maximize your time each day. A long commute to and from work each day can create additional stress and reduce your personal time. Therefore working in an accessible place should be an emphasis of your job hunt. Additionally, public transportation can turn commute times into productive periods, while also helping the environment.
  • Finding hobbies that you can participate in during the week are great ways to break up the week and allow you to unwind. While it is definitely not required, finding hobbies that allow you to socialize with new people is a great way to reduce stress and enjoy your own time with like-minded individuals.
  • Shared values are crucial to an effective working environment. When you are surrounded by others who hold common values and motivations, then it is easy to communicate how you are feeling during the transition to full time employment and the natural stressor that comes with it.

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