Tips for building an inclusive and diverse work force.

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Diversity and Inclusion statistics have now become a key indicator of a company’s overall he...

Diversity and Inclusion statistics have now become a key indicator of a company’s overall health. Statistically, diverse companies see an average of 2.3 times higher cash flow per employee, as well as diverse management increasing revenue by 19%. Groups formerly seen as “minorities” may also reach majority status by 2044, and that is because more than 3 out of 4 employees prefer working for diverse companies.

At Inventure, we continue to strive for diversity in every aspect of our organization. This includes investing heavily in data analytics tools which actually monitors our daily D&I / Female outreach statistics (currently at 34% for the last month). We believe that action speaks louder than words, and we like to let our work do the talking!

If you’re looking to recruit for diversity, here are a few tried & tested tips to follow to help create a successful team:

How to Diversify The Workplace - 10 Things You Need to Know

01. Offer Internships to Targeted Groups

Depending on the nature of your business, consider implementing an internal diversity program to offer internships to candidates from specific backgrounds. Try reaching out to universities, colleges, and community groups to help make connections with students looking for an internship.

02. Talk About Your Company’s Diversity

If you already have a diverse team, show it off! We do not mean to shove your diversity efforts down people’s throats, but occasionally posting about your practices on a company blog or social media account can go a long way. You want to position your brand or company as a space that values diversity, it can be as simple as including a short blurb about it on your career site.

03. Evaluate Resumes Blind

Block out any information that signals age, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, or other demographically-identifying details on an applicant’s resume. This way, you can eliminate the chance of unintentionally judging applicants with information that does not indicate job performance.

04. Implement Inclusive Company Policies

Talking about how your company values diverse recruiting strategies and implementing company policies that appeal to various candidates are two very different things. For example, to help attract more diverse candidates, consider changing your time off policies to include more religious holidays and allow management teams to encourage their employees to speak up if they believe specific policies restrict diversity.

05. Create Diversity Recruitment Videos

Today recruitment videos are changing and, believe it or not, they can actually be entertaining and informative. For example, one way to help promote a diverse work environment is to create a video discussing the importance of workplace diversity and what your company does to help foster an inclusive environment.

06. Widen Your Talent Pool

While it may sound obvious to simply expand your search efforts, it can be hard to know where to find the most diverse, qualified candidates to fill an open position. However, you can try to actively source and recruit more diverse people.

07. Advertise Across More Channels

Target underrepresented groups or minorities by making an effort to place job ads on websites, in magazines, and on forums popular within their community. This way, more people will potentially see that you’re hiring and you care about inclusivity.

08. Rethink Screening Factors

A critical part of diversity recruiting is rethinking what you look for in a candidate. What traits do you value most in candidates? Are these traits based on your own bias? Take the time to assess how you screen candidates. If you feel like you’re leaning toward a specific type of person, consider changing your testing methods.

09. Encourage Diverse Employees Referrals

Ask existing members of your team if they have any connections. Consider creating a diverse candidate referral program to help showcase that your company values various backgrounds and ideas. Additionally, if you’re hoping to hire people from a specific group, reach out to workers who are part of that demographic or community.

10. Revamp Your Recruitment Ads

Another way to recruit more diverse candidates is to change your recruitment ads. Look at previous ads and adjust the text to speak to either a broader range of candidates or a specific demographic. It’s ok to let your target audience know you’re seeking them out; just be sure to explain why your company is a good fit.

Top 4 Advantages of Diversity in the Workplace

01. Diverse Teams Boost Creativity and Innovation

Diversity can boost creativity. When people from different backgrounds with mixed life and work experiences come together, they often bring multiple viewpoints to the table. The best ideas usually come from out-of-the-box thinking. Diverse teams collectively develop more creative ideas and ways to solve problems.

02. People Are More Drawn to Diverse Teams

Companies that boast a diverse workplace are often perceived as better employers. Potential employees want to work for a company that is tolerant of all backgrounds and treats employees fairly. Having a diverse workplace doesn’t just help attract new candidates either. It helps encourage workers to stay. Plus, if you want your business to go global, you are better prepared to face plenty of language barriers and cultural disparities.

03. Inclusivity Leads to Better Decision-Making & Productivity

Diverse teams are better at making decisions. This is thanks to the broader perspectives an inclusive team brings. Voices from diverse groups often mitigate hardwired biases. Various skills, experiences, and perspectives come together to help make smarter, more informed, and non-bias decisions. When people from different backgrounds contribute fresh views, problem-solving and productivity often spike.

04. Improved Awareness = Improved Employee Performance

A diverse range of cultures, backgrounds, and lifestyles within the workplace allows employees to feel more comfortable, confident, and happy at work. By promoting an inclusive environment, companies can eliminate any fears or worries employees may have regarding their personal lives and focus more on their tasks.

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