Shoe Dog

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Summer vacation is the one time of the year most of us busy people have time to catch up on our reading. And if there’s one book I recommend accompanies you to the sun-lounger it’s Shoe Dog by runner-turned-Nike billionaire Phil Knight. You couldn’t possibly describe this as a business book. It’s basically an autobiographical yarn about a bunch of Oregonian misfits who stumble through comical adventures, dealing with duplicitous agents, lawsuits and the “bureau-kraken’s” of US customs before eventually creating an operating platform that now supports a $35 Bn business. But the book contains great business wisdom. Prominent amongst the lessons – besides a vision and relentless determination – is the value of gathering a cast of complimentary skillsets at the start of the venture. Who would have thought that an introvert, a bunch of overweight accountants, lawyers and a man in a wheelchair would become the inspiration for Jordan, Agassi, Woods and countless less celebrated people who pull on a pair of running shoes and go for their everyday jog? Full of self-deprecating humor, this book will make you smile as you sip your poolside cocktail.

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